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Picture Credits: Mary and Masjid is the winner of Honourable Mention Photograph Award at NeMLA 2020. The picture has also been used as a book cover for Dialogue on Partition by Dr. Syrrina Ahsan Ali Haque.


Sameer Afzal is a Pakistani born researcher, public speaking coach, and educator. He teaches history, sociology, and English literature using methodologies of collaboration and finding common grounds between disciplines, and employing these to coach for Model UN debate style. Through his on-going doctoral project, he examines presence and formations of queer space and identity within the larger heteronormative Muslim contexts.

Afzal is an internationally published author with three titles under his belt. Two are under publication, and the third is a co-edited collection of articles. Afzal is a regular chair and presenter at NeMLA academic conferences in the USA for the last five years where his papers on South Asian comparative literature have gained wide recognition. The conference itself appreciated his efforts to introduce and create numerous panels and seminars on South Asian literature in their 2017 Post-Conference Directorial Report. He has also served as an advisor to Pakistan’s permanent mission to United Nations’ headquarters in New York, USA, where he represented the mission in both formal and informal consultations in Disarmament Committee, Culture of Alliance Committee, OIC Informal Consolations, and Emergency meeting for chemical weapons attacks on Syria.   

In 2021, Afzal started Pakistan’s first virtual Model UN at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequently chaired seven virtual conferences with over 100 hours of coaching and consultation to students from across the country for public speaking and Model UN debate style.

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